Formcove Floor to wall transition System

A rapid cure polyurea coating that will form a smooth transition from the wall to the floor. 

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The space between the floor and the wall is one of the most vulnerable areas of any room, especially in workshops and factories that regularly use abrasive chemicals or high pressure washing and rinsing products. This spot presents a perfect growth place for water to accumulate, bacteria to grow, or other hazardous grime to hide. Don’t wait waiting for water, chemicals or other liquids to seep into your walls and threaten your building’s structural integrity. You can now eliminate these risks with the technologically   advanced Formcove system provided by Flagler Concrete Coatings!

Engineered for quick installations and lasting durability, our Formcove system cures into a perfectly fitted cove base that seamlessly covers your wall and floor seams—protecting them from potential damage while adding a neatly finished look to any room.

Custom-Built Cove Bases

Cove base installations from the big box stores rely on pre-fabricated vinyl or rubber pieces and messy adhesives. At Penntek, we’ve seen the many problems created by these sub-standard products and installations firsthand, so we’ve scientifically formulated our Formcove system to eliminate them. In fact, the Formcove system is so effective that it earned the 2015 Most Innovative Products Award from World of Concrete!

Here are just a few of the benefits of our award-winning cove base system:

  • Adhesion: Formcove is mixed on site, spread easily with a cove trowel, and always installed by certified Penntek experts. That means your cove base will fit perfectly and adhere far better than traditional installations!
  • Versatility: Whether you prefer the durability of polyurea or the high sheen of a metallic finish, the Formcove system can be used in combination with any of our floor coating systems—giving you complete control over your floor’s final design.
  • Installation: Our Formcove system cures in just 30 minutes, allowing your entire customizable floor coating system to be finished in as little as one day!
  • Warranty Coverage: Our floor coating systems are backed by a lifetime warranty as well as a 15-year product warranty on residential projects to give you long-term peace of mind.

Formcove Installation start With a Free, On-Site Estimate!

To learn more about our Formcove system and how it can be installed into your polyurea quartz or chip system flooring, get in touch with Flagler Concrete Coatings today. Call us for more information, or  request your complimentary consultation and estimate by filling out our Get A Estimate Form today!